Dekaron Expedition Guide

March 21, 2009

Expedition system may be familiar to some Dekaron players. To some new Dekaron players, they may know little of it. So i collect this Dekaron Expedition system introduction. Hope this article can help some people sometimes.




1. Click the Expedition Icon in the bottom-right of the screen or press “O” to open the Expedition Window.

2. Click on the “Create” button and enter a name for your expedition.




1. Click a character to invite to your expedition and press the arrow button at the top of the screen to open the interactions menu.

2. Select “Expedition” interactions menu to send an invitation to that character.

3. The invited character can either accept or reject an expedition invitation.


1) The following buttons are found on the Expedition User Interface:

a) Modify: Changes the name of the expedition.

b) Disband: Disbands your expedition team.

c) Authority: Authorizes another expedition member to become the leader of the expedition. Select the member and click the “Authority” button.

d) Organization: Divides all the recruited members (maximum 18 members) into 3 groups (Maximum 6 members per group). A separate user interface window will be displayed when clicking this button.

e) Move All: Moves all members of the expedition to the organization window instantly.

f) Item Distribution: Uses the same options as Party item distribution. You can set an item distribution method from the options of Basic, Sequential, Free and Random.

g) Kick Out: Allows the leader to remove members from the expedition team by clicking the “X” button to the right of the member’s name.

2) By clicking the “Organization” and “Move All” buttons, you can view all the members of your expedition at any time, even after they are in sub-groups.
1. A separate user interface window (shown above) will be displayed when clicking the “Organization” and “Move All” buttons. Functions of each button on the interface are as follows.

– a: Click the arrow button ( ) to the right of the member’s name to open the interaction window (shown above “b “).
– b: Grouping: Allows the leader to appoint/organize members into the first, second, and third expedition groups.
– c: OK: Click the “OK” button to confirm all the changes.
– d: Cancel: Cancels out all the changes that you have made.

2. The maximum number of members in each group of the expedition is six (6) members.

3. The Leader of the expedition will always be in the first expedition group and will be listed at the top of the display.


1. Information of the expedition is displayed beneath the mini-map, generally it’s the same position as the party window normally displays.

2. Members of the other groups in the expedition are displayed separately on the left side of your screen.

3.You can select any member of the expedition via this window to physically follow that character.


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Dekaron Pet System Guide

March 21, 2009

In Dekaron, you can have a pet. But you should use Pet system to get a pet. Before getting pet, you should read these information and know Dekaron pet system.


People love pets, and so will your warrior. They can accompany on your explorations of each region of Trieste. You can obtain one of several pet eggs from the shop. Once a pet is hatched from an egg, it will be your companion for 30 days. At the end of that 30 day period, the pet will return to its egg to sleep. When the pet is sleeping, it will not appear in the world with you. However, you can revive your pet by using an Awakening Ocarina item (available from the D-Shop) to wake it up. You can use the Awakening Ocarina to revive your pet every 30 days.
How to Activate Your Pet?


STEP 1. Open your inventory window and right-click to awaken a purchased pet from its egg.

STEP 2. The awakened pet will now display in your inventory as a Pet Token, which can be placed in one of accessory slots (as shown above). You will be able to summon the pet into the world with your character as long as it is awake and the Pet Token is placed in an accessory slot. The Pet Icon at the bottom-right of the screen will also display that the pet is active.

1. To summon the pet, click on the Pet Icon  next to the Mount Icon, or press the “T” key. You will see a brief processing window and then your pet will be there right next to your character.
2. You can manage your pet’s inventory by clicking the icon that is next to the Pet Icon  or by pressing “Y” shortcut key. Your pet’s inventory consists of 4 by 10 cells, and you can change settings by clicking next to the check boxes.


User Interface


1. Pet Name Setting
Each pet has a default name, such as Woody, Wiki, or Ariel. However, you can rename your pet to something personal by clicking the “Name Setting” button and typing in your choice of name. However, you can only change the name of your pet once after awakening it. If you use an Awakening Ocarina to revive a pet, you can change the name again, but only once for each time you revive the pet.

2. Pet’s Period of Activity
A pet’s period of activity begins when it is awakened and lasts for 30 days. Thereafter, a sleeping pet can be reawakened by using an Awakening Ocarina, which will extend its period of activity for another 30 days. Please note that the sleeping pet is not available to be summoned, however, items stored in the sleeping pet’s inventory can be moved to your character’s inventory.

3. Pet Inventory
Your pet will help you gather items and Dil when you are adventuring, and whatever it gathers will be held in its inventory. Note that you cannot trade items or dil directly from the pet’s inventory, but you can transfer them to your main character’s inventory.
4. Settings
Automatic Item Collection: Your pet can automatically obtain items and dil from the environment. Check the box if you want that functions, or uncheck if you do not.

Wearable Items Setting: Check any types of items you want them to equip and uncheck those you don’t want them to use. Options are Normal, Magic, Noble, Divine Noble and Legend.

Non-Wearable Items Setting: Check the box of non-wearable items you want your pet to pick up. Choices are Argates, Socket Items, Special Quest Items (like Fortress Vouchers) and Other Items (like Potions). 

General Information


1. A hatched pet has a limited usage time of 30 days after hatching. After the active time has passed, the pet returns to the sleeping state.

2. Your Pet Token must be stored in your character’s inventory to use pet system. You will then have access to the pet’s inventory, pet settings and, of course, the ability to summon your pet.

3. A sleeping pet can be awakened by using an Awakening Ocarina.
A pet that has been reawakened will stay active for another 30 days.
The Awakening Ocarina only works on a sleeping pet in your character’s inventory.

4. Although you can obtain more than one pet egg, only one pet can be active at a time. All others will remain in the egg state.

5. There are some areas, such as the Chain of Fire, where pets cannot be summoned.

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Mount Guide for Dekaron Players

March 21, 2009

In Dekaron, you can adventure by your mount. But some Dekaron beginners don’t know how to Acquire and Use a “Mount Token”. So i collect these Dekaron mount guide for them. Hope these information can help them:


STEP 1. Visit the Stable Keeper NPCs
Visit stable keeper Sergio at Braiken or Jundo at Loa so as to purchase mount item.


Item Purchase: Mount items (Equus, Sylphid, and Ventus Tokens) that increase your speed by 25% can be purchased for 300,000 DIL for 1 day, 4,275,000 DIL for 15 days, or 8,100,000 DIL for 30 days.
Item Upgrade: If you equip the Seal of Growth along with a Mount Token, your speed is increased by 32%.
Mount Item Exchange: You can acquire the “Divine Lattice” mount by exchanging 10 pieces of Piuma items with the Stable Keeper NPC.


STEP 2. Equipping a Mount Token
Place your purchased item in one of your accessory slots, on either side of your helmet slot in the inventory (as shown above). Once this item is placed, the Mount Icon at the bottom-right of the screen will display that the Mount is active. However, if the player is in an area where mount cannot be used, the icon will not appear as active. When you move to an area that allows mounts, the icon will change to indicate that it is active.


STEP 3. Mounting or Dismounting
Click on the Mount Icon or press “J” to mount or dismount. Note that there will be a slight delay when mounting or dismounting. Your character is unable to move during this delay, which can be up to several seconds.


OK, after reading the above information, you may know how to get a mount… The following are some tips of mount.




1. The minimum level required to use a mount is 35.
2. Note that some areas do not allow the use of mounts, or do not allow movement when mounted.
3. Mount Tokens have time limits, which vary according to the specific token you purchased.
4. While your character is mounted, you cannot use skills, fishing, cash shop or open an individual shop. You cannot engage in PvP while mounted.
5. Only one (1) mount item can be equipped in one of your accessory slots.
6. Mount Tokens cannot be traded, sold, or thrown away.
7. All current buff effects will be removed when using the mount.
8. You cannot cancel using the mount while mounting and dismounting.


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How to Use Dekaron Exchange System

March 21, 2009

In Dekaron,  you join lots of adventure. And you have collected too much items or stuff. Then you can use Dekaron exchange syster to trade the items you need.


1. Once you have collected enough, visit the Exchanger NPCs (Ishtal in Braiken Castle or Stacy in Loa Castle) to trade your collected items for unique items.
2. Select an instanced dungeon on the NPC’s dialogue and choose your preferred reward from the list.
3. Click the “OK” button to select your item, which will be placed automatically in your inventory. The required amount of exchange items will be removed at the same time.
4. If you don’t have enough exchange items to trade for a specific item option, the trade will not be allowed.


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Dekaron Instance Dungeons Tips

March 21, 2009

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In MMORPGs, an instance dungeon is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy, or instance, of the dungeon map for each group that enters the area. This saves server work and ensures that there will never be competition (kill stealing, spawn camping) over resources such as mobs within the instance and that player characters experience minimum lag.

Of course, Dekaron has also Instance Dungeons. But many new players don’t know how to enter Instance Dungeons. So i collect these information and post them here. Hope these information can help some players.

STEP 1. Find and click the statue at the Instanced Dungeon Entrance.

STEP 2. Select a Dungeon Entry Rank.

Each rank is divided in green letters in the dialog window. You can enter a dungeon by clicking on your choice, based on rank. For each choice you will need to pay an entry fee in DIL, which is not refundable. Dungeons are divided into two types ? Individual and Party dungeons. Note that if you do not complete the mission within the allotted time limit, your character will be teleported automatically to the dungeon entrance.

Note that you can only enter the instanced dungeon when all the requirements are met – DIL, Character?s Level, Party or Individual status.

STEP3. Once you have entered, the dungeon information window will be displayed on the left side of your screen. The Information User Interface is as follows:

Name of the Dungeon: Displays the name of the current dungeon.
Mission: Displays the ultimate objective of the dungeon mission.
Time Limit: Displays time limit of the current dungeon in the window or on the upper-left of your screen.
Progress: Indicates success or failure of each sub-mission.

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Hunter AoE Location in Dekaron

March 21, 2009

This article about Dekaron is about: Dagger Hunter AoE Spots by Level. The article is as follows:

15-16: Denebe. grab a few knights and run to another mob nearby.

16-20: Den of Norak 1, those lvl 17 bugs at near entrance from denebe. They are non-aggro but there’re many. run around stab em all and then AoE. fast exp.

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20-24: lv 20 Mantis NW in denebe, near 2 small pools. there’re lots of them. FAST exp. grab matis quest at farmer also.

24-30: no AoE spots that i know of. you’re better off grouping in heihaf. set return point in parka shrine.

30-34:Heihaf penril knights. start from shrine, go south east a little. many knights there. then continue down south followin path between 2 lakes. great spot at the very end. at 33 you can go up along the East edge of map, lots of mobs there. I ran up and down between 2 spots constantly AoEing. I duo with an AoE knight and it worked well here. Another option is grouping.

34-50: 34 dungeon in requies beach. your goal at lvl 34 is not to die and run out of money once you get level 36 it’s much easier. At lvl 37 I got to the end statue with 15 mins left. You can make Dekaron gold actually, if you want, by solving the maze in training space and grabbing all the chests. I went from 100k at lvl 34, down to 35k due to noobness and dying, then now I’m back to 100k+, gained 3 levels.
Tips: fight mobs at the wood doors, and chests. your AoE will knock them out as well.

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Dekaron Heal Guide

March 21, 2009

Do you want to heal your character in Dekaron? OK, to do that well, i think you should study some guides on Heal. i collect this guide from other site, and hope it can help you in some way.

This guide is not for Segnales in first place but for all this FH screaming scum out there. If you are playing a Segnale and don’t know what I am talking about or how to bring your party through a whole DF, please feel invited to learn something about healing at DF.

When you start playing a Segnale and come to a higher lvl, you will see more and more player who really think they are invincible as long as they get their fullheal or even more worse that they have a right to get FH to compensate their potion need.

Most times they are just annoying but sometimes this player are a pain in the a s s, especially at DF.


The only way to bring a PT through DF is staying in the midst of your PT and spam hyperheal till the mobs are done. From the Bridge on that won’t be enough at any DF regardless of common, baron or any higher DF to keep them alive. You will need to save the life of one of your teammates with FH at least once in a half minute from Occupus on.

Ever wondered why you died at DF even though the segnale was standing right next to you? Well, mostly because some lazy n00b wanted to save his pots and screamed for FH untill this Segnale FHed him 3 seconds ago.

If you are an attentive reader you have got the message. WE are Hyperhealing all the time, so STAY CLOSE AND DONT GO FOR MONEY, DF IS FOR XP NOT FOR MONEY. If you got to much aggro HH will mostly have CD yet and the instant heal of FH is the only way to save your live.

But what I wonder the most is, how so many muppets came to the 80s and above and never learnt that the overtime heal of FH does nothing to ppl with more than 5000 HP and mobs around who can kill you in an instant.

FH max at lvl 10 = +300 HP/sec
mob at DF Baron = – 600 HP per HIT if you have a high defense of course
Got the aggro of 30 mobs? Add it yourself

Today I were in a PT together with a mage LVL83 who got FH and ran straight to the gold. Guess what happended…

Never run back and rez scum like that or your whole pt ends dead .

But the real annoying one was a 86 mage who screamed for FH all the time and started to flame till the whole party died. He even told me it were to much work to keep hitting the key for pots. Hell yeah, if you keep writing ‘FH plz’ all the time, there will be no time left for potting^^

Please guys don’t scream for FH unless you want to get your partymember killed.

Pot yourself and stay close to your segnale, so she can heal you all 5 seconds and in case of need, one time more.

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Enjoy yourself in Dekaron. Then thanks to Volde and his guide..

Dekaron Hunter Guide

March 21, 2009

This Dekaron Hunter guide is made by adams12345. Yes, it is the experience of adams12345 in Dekaron. I think they may be useful for some of you. So i post it here and hope they can help some of you. Enjoy:

Hello, Here is how i got too level 70 without reSkilling or Stating Basically, i had spent alot of Dekaron dil reskilling and restating in 2moons,Then in Dekaron i Done this.

1-15 – Every point in Heal. Hard leveling, Till you get rolling attack, gets a bit easier then on in.

15-35 Just Grind, Do the Rookie dungeon for your 20% Keep your Shave dagger, Pimp it will good gems, your going to have it for a while! You get your silent killer at 32 a great skill. 34 do nunvice.

35-55 Nunvice till 45-50 you can go till 55 but its boring and exp gets worse,

50-55 find a nice party in Norak or castor (Floor 2) And grind. You can Solo it great too.

55-60 Crespo, Do the commisions for some spare change, grind grind grind

60+ Start Doing Fast C’s And B’s do it in a party till about 65 then you can fast solo C’s, I’m 70 at the moment and i can just pull off a fast B.

Note : This may not be perfect but it has got me too level 70 happily, feel free to comment, It won’t please Everyone but i’m talking from personal Experience.

Meanings – Nunvice. Level 34 dungeon, found in requires.

Fast B – Crespo Dungeon Level 60+ Kill all monsters Untill you Hit the Lasputin Mages Then die/Relog

You do not need STR to hit high with your attacks, You hit High and Good without STR Plus get some SPR About 20-30 it Helps Alot.

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You can find the original article at here. What’s more, you can find more Dekaron guides at here.

Dekaron: Elsword New Registration Tut

March 21, 2009

The source is from here.

This is a short guide on how to register for Elsword. It required no Dekaron account. This Registration is Completely Legal. Just enjoy, and dont forget to buythe cheapest Dekaron gold andDekaron power leveling from Goldceo, where you will obtain the fast delibery. ^^ Have a good time in Dekaron!

Note: Your account may NOT go over level 19 or you must have a Dekaron Account.

1. Register

1st box = User name

2nd box = Pass

3rd box = Confirm Pass

2. Login

You should know how to login…

3. Installing the game

First click on the Flashing Button. It downloads a patcher.

Install the patcher and click on the Flashing Button again.

Now it will launch the patcher. (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN)

Note: The Game Will Auto Start

4. Full Elsword Registration (Optional)

Dekaron: Elsword New Registration Tut

March 21, 2009

The source is from here.

This is a short guide on how to register for Elsword. It required no Dekaron account. This Registration is Completely Legal. Just enjoy, and dont forget to buythe cheapest Dekaron gold andDekaron power leveling from Goldceo, where you will obtain the fast delibery. ^^ Have a good time in Dekaron!

Note: Your account may NOT go over level 19 or you must have a Dekaron Account.

1. Register

1st box = User name

2nd box = Pass

3rd box = Confirm Pass

2. Login

You should know how to login…

3. Installing the game

First click on the Flashing Button. It downloads a patcher.

Install the patcher and click on the Flashing Button again.

Now it will launch the patcher. (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN)

Note: The Game Will Auto Start

4. Full Elsword Registration (Optional)